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Unlocking Success: Career Mentoring, IT Solutions and Book Publishing

"Our consultancy business specialises in career mentoring, IT solutions, and book publishing. With a focus on collaborating with businesses in the IT distribution, vendor, and reseller space, we bring a unique blend of expertise in IT sales, financial services, and book writing and publishing. Our goal is to empower businesses by providing storage IT expertise, sales floor training, and personalised guidance for career success. 

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At the heart of our consultancy lies a unique fusion of expertise spanning IT sales, financial services, and the realms of book writing and publishing. Our mission is simple but profound: to empower businesses and individuals alike, unlocking their potential for success through comprehensive storage IT solutions, incisive sales floor training & mentoring, and deeply personalised career guidance. We are dedicated to transforming your business and career trajectory, ensuring that success is not just a goal, but a tangible reality.


Our consultancy is not just a service; it's a partnership dedicated to your growth. With a proven track record in business development, we have empowered organisations to redefine their digital presence. From crafting and launching Magento-powered websites, complete with sophisticated backend coding and Magento Admin management, to the creative development of new corporate logos, profile cards, and engaging presentations. Our expertise extends to boosting brand engagement through targeted social media campaigns, ensuring your message not only reaches but resonates with your audience. 

The scope of our services encompasses the strategic onboarding of new distributors, vendors, and suppliers, aligning with our comprehensive partner engagement objectives. We excel in lifting sales floors to new heights with tailored training programs designed to elevate performance and outcomes.


Beyond the confines of traditional consultancy, my personal influence stretches to the podiums of schools, colleges, and business conventions. Renowned for captivating motivational talks, I specialise in a range of impactful topics including sales skills training, diversity & equality, the significance of Black History, the art of dreaming big and achieving those dreams, and the crucial aspects of self-advocacy and personal branding.


Our consultancy stands as a beacon for those seeking not just to navigate the complexities of today’s business and career landscapes but to thrive within them. We offer more than services; we deliver transformative experiences, guiding you to unlock the doors to success and step through them with confidence. Whether you’re seeking to refine your IT infrastructure, enhance your sales approach, or author your success story, we are here to illuminate the path forward.

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